Why Are Businesses Hiring SEM Agencies & Experts in 2024?

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In 2024’s fierce digital marketplace, top-tier SEM experts are transforming data deserts and chaotic metrics into clear, actionable insights and winning ad campaigns. Let’s explore the successful strategies and essential SEM skills to consider when hiring a new SEM agency or starting a new SEM project.

Beyond the Buzzwords: Why Smart Businesses Are Choosing SEM Experts in 2024

In the high-stakes gladiatorial arena of 2024’s digital marketing world, where obscurity is the ultimate punishment, businesses face a stark choice: adapt or be cast into oblivion.

Picture the internet as a bustling marketplace, each webpage a vendor hawking their wares and bidding for the best placements. With U.S. marketers projected to spend nearly $306 billion on digital advertising this year, the fight for visibility is fiercer than ever.

If your business is struggling to rise above the noise, a seasoned SEM strategist might just be the perfect choice to guide you through this competitive coliseum.

But with so many self-proclaimed experts entering the field, how can businesses know which SEM company to choose?

In this article, we explore why businesses are turning to SEM specialists and agencies, and what to look for when hiring one in 2024.

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From Data Deluge to Data-Driven Decisions

Data. It’s the stormy sea of Search Engine Marketing—vast, swirling, and often treacherous for the uninitiated.

Without a savvy SEM expert at the helm, business owners often find themselves drowning in numbers or adrift in a desert of missing metrics.

Enter the seasoned SEM specialist, your digital cartographer, charting a brilliant course through the waves of data.

Genuine SEM experts should be able to map out your data landscape.

If there is no existing data to map, a seasoned SEM specialist, like those at SEMdeepdive, can set up or assist in installing proper data and tracking infrastructures.

SEM companies should be able to dive into your analytics with the precision of a master surveyor, using tools like Google Analytics and Tag Manager to chart every relevant metric (clicks, impressions, custom events, conversions, search terms, etc.)

Many PPC companies are utilizing third-party trackers (like Triple Whale) to overcome native platform biases which can be helpful for some business types.

But, proceed with caution if a digital marketing agency exclusively uses its proprietary software integrations. The reason here is simple. When you part ways with the marketing agency, you don’t want your tracking installations and data to disappear as well.

Every piece of relevant data should be accounted for and considered to transform a vast sea of numbers into a clear and actionable treasure map. Ideally, this treasure map should be constructed using integrated solutions owned by the business, not the marketing agency.

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Rescuing The Marketing Team from the SEM Tightrope

Your in-house team is already spinning plates while riding a unicycle across a tightrope.

Adding SEM account setup and management responsibilities into the mix is like to tossing them a flaming torch to juggle.

At SEMdeepdive, many of our clients are businesses with existing marketing teams. In this context, SEM professionals need to have multi-disciplinary skill sets to serve as proactive leaders who can seamlessly navigate the intricacies of search engine marketing. This enables a business’s marketing and development teams to prioritize core activities without the constant threat of critical missteps.

Expert Campaigns: From Fast Food to Fine Dining

Do you know the difference between Smart and Expert SEM campaigns? This seemingly inconspicuous distinction is fundamental to SEM success.

If you’re running SEM ads but not sure which campaign type, chances are you’re running Smart Campaigns. Think of Smart Campaigns as the fast food of SEM—quick, pre-made, easy, and sometimes satisfying, but lacking the finesse for a truly refined strategy.

Now, picture Expert Campaigns as the Michelin-star dining experience of the digital world, where every detail can be meticulously crafted.

At SEMdeepdive, many of our clients have experimented with Smart campaigns but achieved limited results. To this end, we are big proponents of Expert Campaign strategies.

True SEM specialists don’t settle for pre-packaged solutions; they transform your campaigns into bespoke, gourmet experiences

Dedicated SEM specialists can often take the basic ingredients of Smart Campaigns and elevate them into tailored strategies that align perfectly with your business goals.

With Expert Campaigns, SEM pros can exceed the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach. They offer extensive customization, starting with data tracking and attribution.

Conversion trackingkeyword selection, blacklisting of keywords, bid fine-tuning, and precise audience targeting represent just the beginning of the customization options available.

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AI and Hybrid SEM Strategies: When Skynet Works for You

In the world of SEM, AI isn’t the antagonist of a dystopian future—it’s your dedicated ally, tirelessly working to elevate your digital marketing campaigns.

Imagine Skynet, but instead of plotting world domination, it’s laser-focused on optimizing your ad performance around the clock.

When you combine the unrelenting precision of AI with the strategic acumen of human SEM experts, you get a hybrid strategy that’s both powerful and agile.

The key word here is hybrid.

At SEMdeepdive, we strongly advocate for leveraging AI and algorithmic enhancements in SEM strategy. However, simply activating AI features in platforms like Google Ads or Microsoft Ads without proper tracking and data integration is akin to putting an ad in a bottle and tossing it into the sea, hoping it somehow reaches the right audience.

Premier SEM agencies are the conductors of a harmonious hybrid approach. We can leverage AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data and make real-time adjustments that keep an advertiser’s campaigns finely tuned.

An SEM specialist should bring creativity, strategic foresight, and the ability to pivot in response to market shifts—qualities that pure algorithms can’t replicate. It’s like having a seasoned pilot at the helm of a cutting-edge aircraft: the AI maintains peak performance, while the human navigator makes critical decisions based on experience and insight.

Together, they create a seamless and dynamic operation. Your SEM efforts are guided by the best of both worlds: the relentless, data-driven optimization of AI and the nuanced, strategic direction of human expertise. This synergy transforms your campaigns from routine operations into high-performance engines of growth.

Finding Your SEM Success in 2024

With the right blend of data mastery, ability to craft bespoke strategies, and seamless integration of AI, a top-tier SEM company should be able to turn your digital presence into a force to be reckoned with or provide the proper roadmap to get there.

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colorful design of search engine marketing specialist with graphs and charts
Why Are Businesses Hiring SEM Agencies & Experts in 2024?

In 2024’s fierce digital marketplace, top-tier SEM experts are transforming data deserts and chaotic metrics into clear, actionable insights and winning ad campaigns. Let’s explore the successful strategies and essential SEM skills to consider when hiring a new SEM agency or starting a new SEM project.

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