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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: An Introduction.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO covers a broad range of website coding, content creation, and marketing practices that share a primary objective of impacting organic search engine results pages (aka SERPs).

Simply put, a website that ranks on page 1 for a popular search term, stands an exponentially better chance of capturing more clicks, traffic, customers, and conversions VS a website that appears on page 20.

Take it one step further, and think about the potential of a website that sees 10,000 keyword searches appear on page 1 of a major search engine VS a website with 0 listings. It’s not hard to understand why many successful businesses dedicate much time, energy, and effort to Search Engine Optimization.

Approaches to SEO: What is the best for my business?

Approaches to SEO vary as widely as the websites populating our vast Internet. Along with the range of website designs we’ve encountered over the years, we’ve also seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of SEO.

While there are many great SEO companies out there, the field has become saturated with many amateurs jumping into the fray. The preponderance of less-than-expert information that abounds on SEO can obscure what should be a worthwhile investment of time and money for most online businesses.

Save time, effort, and money. Do-It-Right.

To help our clients steer clear of wasteful or resource-draining SEO efforts, you’ll often hear us refer to our ‘Do-It-Right’ philosophy in digital marketing.

We take a full-spectrum approach to SEO, which, in an ideal world, begins long before the website build & deployment phases. But the reality is, many of our clients are established online long before they come to us. For new and veteran websites alike, good SEO begins with sound research.

SEO keyword research is one of our specialties.

We do not simply rely on the common SaaS keyword research platforms, our research is compiled in-house using our proprietary methods to deliver fast and unique insights on potential keyword targets.

Once we’ve established targets, as with every one of our SEO deep dives, we help clients establish systems that seamlessly merge SEO efforts within the business’s normal processes of content creation and marketing.

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Achieving great SEO can take time.

While our track record has seen many of our projects hit targets with rapid results in just days and weeks, SEO, by in large, is a long-term effort. Highly competitive terms, oversaturated fields, and other market factors can present scenarios were multi-faceted and long-term approaches are required to achieve results.

We like to find a sustainable SEO balance for our clients.

We establish a series of keyword targets that we rank from ‘soft’ to ‘hard’. Softer targets may see less volume but also less saturation where expedited results can be achieved. Harder targets are often those keyword searches that see the highest volume coupled with the highest amount of competitive saturation.

Our SEO services require a 3 to 12-month commitment minimum.

This length of time allows us to guarantee growth results for our clients as well as establish the necessary processes which empower businesses to continue growing indefinitely.

SEO Services List

  • Keyword Research
  • Organic Competition Research
  • SEO Audits for websites, individual accounts, marketing teams, etc.
  • SEO Content Creation (copy, web content, meta, etc)
  • SEO Media services (format images, videos, etc for SEO)
  • E-commerce SEO (online stores, online products, product APIs, CMS platforms, etc)
  • SEO Process Building for individuals, teams, & businesses
  • Consultations (introductory-to-advanced)