SEM using AI assisted keyword research feature design

SEM meets AI: Using ChatGPT & Bard to Boost Keyword Research

Discover how AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard are advancing SEM keyword research, allowing even non-coders to discover and target keywords effectively. In this article, we uncover valuable insights generating and transforming search terms into impactful keyword targets with AI assistance.

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expert and smart sem accounts feature

Expert vs. Smart SEM Campaigns: Which is Right for Me?

Understanding the nuances between Smart Account and Expert Account settings in Google Ads & Microsoft Ads is paramount to achieving success via search engine marketing (SEM). Smart Account settings offer simplicity and automation but have limitations in targeting and customization. Expert Account settings provide granular control and customization options but come with a more complex landscape that can be challenging to master. In this article, we explore the fundamental differences between the two account types and examine their respective best use-case scenarios.

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Web Design & SEM Spring cleaning ultimate checklist by SEMdeepdive

Web Design & SEM Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Checklist

Spring is the perfect time to give your web design and SEM campaigns a thorough cleaning. In this article, we present the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you optimize your digital presence. From evaluating website performance to refreshing branding and design, we cover all the essential steps.

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