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how we made our wordpress site fast 2023

How we made our WordPress Site Fast in 2023

After a full site rebuild & battery of A/B tests throughout May, we’ve concocted a recipe for a fast WP UX. Our PSI scores are sitting at a comfy 97 Mobile and Perfect 100 Desktop. Most importantly, the site now feels fast. Find out how we did it without changing hosts or breaking the bank.

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Wordpress Twenty Twenty-Three theme release feature

The Twenty Twenty-Three theme by WordPress just dropped. Here’s why it still matters.

Unveiling the Twenty Twenty-Three theme, the latest default theme by, we explore why WordPress remains relevant in 2023. Powering over 43% of websites worldwide, it has cemented its position as the CMS champion. Despite its popularity, misconceptions and concerns persist. We debunk these and showcase WordPress as a versatile and powerful content management system (CMS). Join us to uncover the true potential of WordPress and the Twenty Twenty-Three theme, regardless of your position.

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Is Your CMS ready for G4?

Google has announced it will sunset Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. All UA properties will stop processing any new data after this date. Google

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