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Instant Heat Maps with Microsoft Clarity

Heatmaps, aka heat maps, are visual & graphical representations of data where values are depicted in various colors & hues.

Heatmaps can be a great tool to visualize behavioral data of a website, such as customer engagements and drop-offs. You can even think of a heatmap as a measurement of density.

The areas of a site that see the most action, such as page-scrolling, would be represented with the most intense colors, while the areas of less use would see more subdued coloring or no color at all.

Microsoft Clarity is Free Tool for Webmasters

Despite being a great tool to gather data, heatmaps have remained something of an outlier in the world of SEM. While many businesses have experimented with heat maps, many companies have found these services expensive and time-consuming. Heatmaps can also drain server resources.

Microsoft Clarity solves these issues by offering its heatmap services 100% for FREE. What’s more, is that Clarity is a quick setup for most websites and does not put a strain on a website’s resources.

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