How to Update Your Google Ads Payment Profile Type

Update Google Ads payment profile type from Individual to Organization
Learn how to update a Google Ads payment profile from Individual to Organization in this step-by-step guide. We also explore common reasons for switching.

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  1. Common Reasons to Update a Google Ads Payment Profile
  2. Steps to Switch Your Google Ads Account Type from an Individual to an Organization
  3. Required Verification Documents

Switching a Google Ads payment profile from an Individual to Organization

Updating a Google Ads payment profile from an Individual to an Organization is a common client inquiry our SEM company encounters.

Switching a payment profile from Individual to an Organization, requires that advertisers contact the Google Ads support team, but before we dive into the how-to steps, let’s discuss some common reasons an advertiser may want to switch account types.

Common Reasons for Switching a Google Ads Payment Profile from Individual to Organization

1. About this ad

Google requires all advertisers to undergo a verification process. Unique industries will face different ad verification requirements. For example, medical and health providers require additional verification forms compared to a local clothing store.

The information provided during Google’s advertiser verification process, including the Google payment profile verification, informs the ‘About this Ad‘ info-card that Google includes with all sponsored links appearing in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). This is part of Google’s Ad Transparency initiative.

For instance, whenever a sponsored link appears within Google’s SERPs, you’ll notice an image of three small dots to the right of the ad. (see image below)

Google Advertiser Verification Info Card
Example of a Nike ad via Google Ads

If you click the dots, you’ll find that the link pulls up more information about the advertiser in an information card.

Within this card, you’ll find an ‘About this advertiser‘ section that displays

  • Verification status of the advertiser
  • Name of the advertiser
  • Advertiser’s country of residence

Individual Google Ads accounts display the account owner’s name.

Google Ads accounts verified as an Organization will show the organization’s name, as illustrated in the example image below.

This is one of the most common reasons we’ve seen advertisers inquire about switching a payment profile from Individual to an Organization.

about this advertiser info card example Google Ads
2. Taxes & Accounting

The impetus behind a change from Individual to Organization may also be made by those seeking to separate business expenses from personal ones, often for tax filing and accounting purposes.

3. User Management

It’s also not uncommon for us to find that larger businesses wish to utilize an Organization payment profile in Google Ads to allow for billing permissions to be assigned to different users within a company, such as a billing department.

Steps to Switch Google Ads Account Type from an Individual to an Organization

Step 1.

to your Google account.

Step 2.

Visit the Google Support center Set your account type page.

Step 3. 

  • Under the section entitled Update your account through product
    • Click the dropdown V arrow next to Google Ads (see image below)
      • You should see this text: To request a change of account type, contact the Google Ads support team.
    • Click contact the Google Ads support team.
Update Google account type by product

Step 4. 

In the Contact Us section:

  • Select the account you want to update:
    • Enter Note: Something along the lines of “Update my account type from Individual to Organization”
    • Choose the best description of this issue: such as, Tax Invoices
    • Click Next Step
contact Google Ads for account type switch
  • You’ll be prompted with a Resource guide:
    • Feel free to read through the resource guide.
  • When ready, Click Next Step
    • You’ll then be provided with contact options.
  • Depending on your location, you will be prompted with contact options that may include the following:
      • Call (option should appear between 9am and 9pm where you can speak directly with a Google representative)
      • Community (option to post your question or issue to a Google community board)
      • Email (option to receive an email from a Google representative)(we have noticed that the Email option is not always present for advertisers located outside of the US.)

Have Your Organization's Registration Documents Ready

After you have completed the steps above, Google support will ask that you submit your organization’s registration documents. This may include your organization’s letters of formation.

To save time, we suggest having these documents ready along with a Google approved ID (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)

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