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The Philly Cookie Co.’s new website and online store, created by our team, combines the best of both worlds: a seamless customer experience and the flexibility to treat the online store and the root site as distinct entities.
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The Philly Cookie Co. is one of those projects that just puts a smile on our faces. We had the privilege of working with this fantastic company to migrate and overhaul their website, online store, SEO strategies, tracking mechanisms, and data retention processes. The goal was to enhance their online presence and provide an exceptional customer experience.

philly cookie responsive web design feature

The process

To achieve our objectives, we made a strategic decision to separate the e-commerce store from the main website. We accomplished this by creating two separate CMS installations, with the store residing in a unique sub-directory. In certain cases, we also consider separating stores and conversion funnels into separate sub-domains, depending on the business model.

This approach offers the best of both worlds. While maintaining a seamless customer experience similar to a single-installation CMS framework, we gain the advantages of treating the online store and the root site as distinct entities. By doing so, we unlock numerous marketing opportunities and administrative conveniences for the client.

Moreover, this separation allows us to enhance functionality and security elements independently for the e-commerce store and the root website. We can avoid cluttering either side with unnecessary code, resulting in cleaner programming. This also facilitates the implementation of optimized conversion funnels, ensuring a smooth user journey and higher conversion rates.

The result

Our approach yielded remarkable results for The Philly Cookie Co. With the separate CMS installations, the client now enjoys increased marketing opportunities and administrative efficiencies. The enhanced functionality and security elements implemented individually for the online store and the root website have improved the overall performance and user experience.

The clean coding and tracking installations have enabled optimal conversion funnel implementations, leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. The client can now leverage the benefits of a streamlined online store while maintaining a cohesive brand experience across their digital platforms.

Overall, the project has been a resounding success, putting smiles on both our faces and those of The Philly Cookie Co. We are proud to have played a part in their growth and success in the online marketplace and we look forward to unlocking new achievements together in the coming year.

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